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Building “customized” business solutions that lend flexibility and support to the customers’ existing and future daily operational needs.

Our Community


Minority Business Owner Continues Community Empowerment for Low-Income Neighborhoods
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Alysia Friday, President and Chief Executive Officer of Business Assets Enterprises, LP, knows all too well the challenges of growing up in low-income housing in East Austin.  “No one came back for us.  As a matter of fact, there was no encouragement to be more than what we saw lived before us.  I have a responsibility if no one else does to reach back and empower someone to launch forward”.  Staying true to her commitment to encourage, empower and enrich the lives of the individuals in these neighborhoods, she began the “Reach Back, Launch Forward” initiative that Business Assets Enterprises provides school supplies for five low-income housing communities within a one-mile radius.  The communities we serve are our customers, too, and we serve them with excellence to do our part to enrich lives.

Our President Alysia Friday supporting young women entrepreneurs at a Women’s History Month Event Showcasing Youthpreneur’s.

Young women ages 5-21 putting their businesses on display.  An opportunity for them to introduce themselves to the community and an opportunity for the community to support them.  Alysia was there to show her support and encourage them to continue to stay the course.

Alysia Friday, President and Chief Executive Officer of Business Assets Enterprises, program speaker for the Douglas Club’s 116th year Founders Day. Women Supporting Women this National Women’s History Month. We are proud of you and honored to share your support. “REACH BACK”

March 12, 2022


We Do What We Say.

Reliability is one of the essential factors in building successful business relationships.  It brings security to the relationships and opens the door for other opportunities within our customer’s organization.  Being a reliable source is an investment that yields great returns and outstanding returns for our customers.

We Call You Back.

In this digital age of communication, email, text, and other social media platforms are preferred to reach out to one another.  And although it is a platform that has created an easy and accessible way to communicate, we believe that phone calls and in-person meetings are direct and personal.  They create an avenue for quick responses and are a way to build personal relationships with the customer so that we understand their real need better. 

We Are Flexible.

Out-of-the-box thinking allows us to create flexible, customized solutions that directly respond to the customer’s needs.  Knowing our customers and their business will enable us to bring new and unique solutions to improve their day-to-day production.  Being resourceful takes determination, imagination, creativity, and going above and beyond to get an answer that matters.